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360º support for the concretization, maintenance and expansion of international businesses between Brazil, The United States and China.


Serpa Group is a conglomerate of Brazilian, American and Chinese companies that offers 360º degree support for the accomplishment, maintenance and expansion of international businesses between Brazil, The United States and China.

Created in 1995, Serpa Group occupies the 24th place in the ranking of the Dom Cabral Foundation (FDC – a Brazilian business school) among the most international companies of the country, beyond participating in the select group of transactional companies of the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (Confederação Nacional da Indústria – CNI).

Serpa Group holds the AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) of The Department of Federal Revenue of Brazil (Receita Federal do Brasil), operating as an expert in the customs area and fiscal benefits in Foreign Trade projects.

It also counts with its own fleet for national road freight and container rental, being a reference in international logistics and business consulting.

Our services include the essential of import and export processes, from end to end, from tax planning, negotiation with foreign companies, and studies for cost reduction to integrated logistics.

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Serpa means “services in partnership” and this is our philosophy since our very foundation. We believe that “together we are stronger” and, for this reason, we are always establishing an ample dialogue with our clients, team, suppliers and consenting bodies.

Our services are also based on such philosophy. Therefore, we are committed to meeting the demands of our clients, from end to end, developing, for every one of them, complete and customized solutions. This way we can meet their needs, respecting their profile, technical capacity and size.


We seek excellence and quality in providing services. Due to this commitment, Serpa Logistics was certified in 2019 as an AEO (Authorized Economic Operation) by the Brazilian Department of Federal Revenue.

The Brazilian AEO Program consists of a certification of the intervenings of the logistics chain that pose low risk in operations, both concerning the physical security of the cargo and the fulfillment of the customs requirements.

With this certification we validate our mission and values!

Serpa Group is proud of its trajectory! Because of this movement of constant seeking for the excellence and quality of the services, aiming at offering the market complete solutions in Foreign Trade that we keep setting our strategies and goals.



Serpa group was born in 1995, with the foundation of the SAF QUALITY SERVICE. The business was still incipient and composed of professionals with an enterprising view, recognizing the importance of providing complete solutions in Foreign Trade. Therefore, Serpa Group has expanded businesses and acting areas throughout time.

In the following years, the international logistics company, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo branches and Serpa Transports were created.


In 2010, we decided to better structure our goals and objectives. We, then, elaborated together with companies and specialized professionals, a strategic plan for the next ten years, which we are strictly following in order to reach our goals.


In 2013, we took a bold and strategically planned step for the company’s internationalization. Serpa USA was created, aiming at optimizing the logistics and trade between Brazil and The United States.


Serpa Consulting emerged in 2014 with the great differential of having specialists in studies and customs practices for great projects, special operations and fiscal benefits in importation and exportation.


In 2015, we have identified great opportunities in the market opening between Brazil and China. Serpa China was born, focusing on enabling businesses between these two countries and reinforcing our continuous movement of internationalization.

Throughout the years we grew and expanded, including in Brazil. Branches were opened in Uberlândia and Uberaba; an aggressive business market area in the country.


In 2019, Serpa Logistics reached its excellence standard obtaining the AEO Certification, bringing more credibility and confidence to our internal and external processes.

Today, we count with professionals that have more than 30 years of experience in Foreign and International Trade.


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