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Publish in your own website in China information about your products and services to thousands of potential customers 

Now, with the U2CN Platform, gaining visibility in China has become easy and accessible. Appear in the Chinese market, find new customers to strengthen your business internationally.

After all, what is the U2CN Platform?

It is a virtual space, created to act as a neutral third-part, connecting Chinese buyers and international sellers.

Using the U2CN Platform, any company in any country can offer its products and services to the Chinese market, effectively and appropriately for its way of doing business.

It’s simple: Serpa China team creates your website in Mandarin, advertises on U2CN, attracting the attention of thousands of people and potential customers. Regardless of the size of your company, it is now feasible to gain visibility in China.

The great advantages are:

  • It does not require much investment to enter the Chinese market.
  • The platform already has an adequate built infrastructure to offer your products and services.
  • It is ranked in the most popular search engines in China.

Your products will have greater visibility.

It is a solution with infinite possibilities!

An opportunity to close good deals and accelerate the internationalization of your company.

Do you want to take advantage of this opportunity? Get in touch!

Selling to Chinese Customers:
Before and After the Pandemic

Before the pandemic, the company placed its products on a third-part website, but did not obtain any information about the supplier. The company depended on the “business partner”, which did not provide details on purchases and sales, or even on website access and engagement statistics.

The investment was too high and the website was temporary and ineffective, with poor communication, without SEO or marketing strategy. The publication was bureaucratic.

Now, with the U2CN Platform, the company publishes its official website in China, showing its direct contacts to the Chinese market, and obtains information about its performance.

With low investment, the company has access to a well-built website, with SEO and appropriate language, in addition to segmented advertising. What’s more, the company maintains its showcase in the Chinese market for as long as it wishes.

U2CN Platform: joining efforts to revolutionize the market! More projects, more revenue, more visibility!

What is the U2CN Platform and what are its benefits?

Food exporters are always in demand in the Chinese market, you don’t have to wait for fairs to generate a business opportunity.

As globalization progresses, many Chinese companies need local services from other countries. Through the U2CN Platform it is possible to access this market.

Great opportunity for municipalities and states to present themselves and attract investments.

The U2CN Platform introduces these companies to the Chinese market and increases the possibility of attracting investments.

For entrepreneurs, it is an opportunity to present ideas, projects or a new company, and therefore raising funds or capital from Chinese investors.

The U2CN Platform is an excellent showcase for sports clubs; they can introduce themselves to Chinese investors and sports business investors.

What information in Mandarin will be displayed on my website?

What work will be done on my website backstage?

Why can you trust the Serpa China platform?

  1. Reliable methodology: We collect information from the agencies where the companies are registered in China.
  2. Solid Company: Serpa Group has been in the market for over 25 years and is present in three major countries: China, Brazil and the United States.
  3. Know-how: Serpa Group has extensive experience and knowledge, in addition to having highly qualified and experienced professionals..
  4. Reputation and credibility: Serpa Group is one of the most international companies in Brazil in the field of Foreign Trade services, according to Fundação Dom Cabral.
  5. Certification: We operate in the international market as AEO (Authorized Economic Operator).

Take the opportunity to close good deals and accelerate the internationalization of your company!

What are the next steps to have my website on the U2CN Platform?

  1. Access PayPal from Serpa China and pay US $ 180.00 for one year.
  2. Download the contract here, if you need to. It’s already signed by us.
  3. Send an email to [email protected] with your company’s data (name, legal representative and business license).
  4. Your website will be valid for 1 year, and can be renewed annually.

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